Prevent auto visual upgrade on new SharePoint 2010 sites

When migrating a SharePoint site collection from 2007 to 2010, you have the option to put your site through the “visual upgrade” process, which basically means trading in all the 2007 UI features for their 2010 counterparts. For most simple sites this is a good idea, but for highly customized publishing sites it can cause quite a few problems. Apparently Microsoft didn’t think about those problems, because once the site collection is on the 2010 server, any new subsites created within it will default to the 2010 UI, and no option is available to prevent this. How to prevent it anyway

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SharePoint 2010 custom ribbon actions project

One of the things I’ve found myself building in several different SharePoint projects are customized ribbon actions. The ribbon in SharePoint is a really useful tool, and the fact that it’s completely customizable makes it exceptionally powerful. I’ve put together some of the more universally useful ribbon actions that I’ve worked on into one generic solution which could be a great benefit to anyone looking to provide their SharePoint authors with more functionality. Read more ›

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Creating custom SharePoint 2010 ribbon actions

If you saw my post on a set of custom ribbon items I created, you’ll know that custom ribbon actions in SharePoint 2010 can be a very powerful tool. In this post I’ll go through the basics of what it takes to connect a custom action to a ribbon button using some handy SharePoint custom JavaScript. Read more ›

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SharePoint 2010 Cascading Lookup Fieldtype

A few months ago at work I was tasked with heading up the development of one of our more complicated sites ( while we moved it from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. These moves are generally pretty easy, but they can be complicated when the site relies on a lot of customized code that might not work so well in the new environment. As irritating as it can be at times, this particular case gave me the opportunity to create something new, something that I hope can benefit someone else in a similar situation. Read more ›

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