High School

Brighton High School

2001 – 2005

Through my four years attending Brighton High School I was very active in extracurricular activities, especially in theatre and drama. While I excelled at math and related subjects while in school, I completely failed to make the connection between those skills and my future career. My first introduction to programming came in my Sophomore year when I started writing programs for my TI-83+ graphing calculator to save time during exams.


University of Missouri – Columbia

2005 – 2009

I started at the University of Missouri as a broadcast journalism major, only to discover after three years that I hated doing broadcast journalism. I quickly changed my major to another subject in which I had at least an academic interest (and perhaps more importantly, was close to completing a degree in), political science.

I graduated in December 2009 with a major in Political Science and a minor in Journalism. While these programs don’t lend themselves directly toward my career as a developer, I credit them with building my excellent communication skills, which have been invaluable in dealing with co-workers, project managers, and directly with clients.

Professional Training

Washington University in St. Louis, Center for the Application of Information Technology


I started taking training at CAIT shortly after I began my employment at Washington University. They offer condensed courses on specific technologies, and my focus there was on SharePoint and ASP.NET development. Within a few months, I completed enough coursework to earn a certification in SharePoint Technologies.

University of Missouri – St. Louis, Computer Education and Training Center


I took training at CETC around the same time as I was training at CAIT, although my focus at CETC was more on generic web technologies like HTML5 and advanced JavaScript.