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Throughout my career in web development, I’ve taken on several freelance projects of varying size and complexity. These sites are usually heavy on front-end development, often simple portfolio or “About Our Business” sites.

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A friend put me in contact with Kerry when he was beginning his first job search after graduating with his Master’s in Architecture from Washington University. Kerry wanted a site with a clean look to showcase his work to perspective employers. I built the site in WordPress and used the default Twenty Eleven theme for a base.

The site has a highly customized look and feel, including extensive use of jQuery’s animation features. The navigation bar is somewhat unique in that it maintains a fixed position a the bottom of the window while animating up and down to show different menu levels. Despite the high level of customization, WordPress’s built-in navigation controls are still used to populate the menu in order to maximize the maintainability of the site.

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Another friend looking for a site to showcase his architecture work, I also built this site using WordPress and the same Twenty Eleven as a starting point.

The major customization for this site is the addition of a unique sidebar for each page. For this site, I accomplished this by editing functions.php and registering a new sidebar for every page. I then created a series of page templates using each of the new sidebars. By setting the appropriate page template on the individual pages and editing the sidebars under “Appearance > Widgets” every page can contain its own unique sidebar content.

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Meg is my wonderful wife, and I put this WordPress template together for her to use as an introduction to HTML and CSS as she prepares to start her Master’s program at the University of Michigan School of Information.

The template is based on the Twenty Eleven theme (again), with just a few customizations to use as examples for CSS concepts. The navigation is fixed to the bottom of the left column, creating a pretty cool looking effect when the full width header scrolls away off the top of the screen. Most of the styling has been stripped out, making it a good starting point site that still looks pretty nifty.

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Rehab Transportation is the transportation services subsidiary of Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation specialists in Southeastern Michigan. This site serves as a simple web presence for said subsidiary, and also offers a contact form to request transportation.

The Rehab Transportation site is built a fairly basic WordPress site. The one major customization is the separate header.php used exclusively for the home page which includes the Flash animation header. I did build the Flash animation, but if I were to build this site again I would probably create that animation with JavaScript instead.